LA Opportunity

Round 2


LAST UPDATE 11JUL22 : All items are being released for general purchase.  Thank you for your patience!


UPDATE 01JUL22 : 12" Boba Tea no longer part of order.  Refunds have gone out too all who ordered.


UPDATE 29Jun22 : The 12" Boba Tea was not on the truck from Kellytoy.  We have reached out to them to find out what happened.  We did create the shipping label for them already, anticipating their arrival. If you track your shipment, you will notice a tracking number(s) with a status of "Label Created".  These are your Bobas.  Depending on Kellytoy's reply we will either ship the boxes when they arrive (we had hoped they would during Convention) or we will refund your orders.


Instead of doing invoicing, all customers will place orders.  The inventory listed for each item will be limited to the sum of the pre-orders from the "Another Squishmallow LA Opportunity via Root Beer Sisters (responses).xls" file.

File is here for review:

(highlights are for our internal use identifying duplicates and potential problems)

Please limit your order to what you committed to.  Orders in excess of commit will be adjusted down to the commit in the excel doc.

Link to items: LA Opportunity R2 Collection

While we have placed the order with KellyToy, IT HAS NOT SHIPPED TO US YET.  We will update this page with the ETA to us.  We expect to have your order shipped out within 3 days of the ETA.

Arrived and shipped